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José Manuel Ferrero -estudi{H}ac

In 2003, Jose Manuel Ferrero founded estudi{H}ac to give life to all the ideas that appeared unceasingly in his head and in just 18 years he has turned his design workshop into a national and international reference. The passion he puts into his work is evident from the very beginning. Discreet, cultured, elegant and immensely creative, for Ferrero design is a way of life that keeps the mind fully active in terms of creativity.

We could say that the British term “bespoke” is the dogma that governs each of the Valencian businessman’s designs, as he creates pieces and elements tailored to each project.

His projects have been recognized with industrial awards such as RESTAURANT & BAR DESIGN AWARDS, ICFF NEW YORK….


estudi{H}ac has been conceived as a design atelier, specialising in tailored projects for product design, creative concepts for projects.

All of them tailored for each customer, creating unique, timeless spaces or products that amaze onlookers thanks to their initial visual impact and the story behind them.

The basis of each project lies in the initial concept, which is where Jose Manuel Ferrero and this team come up with the story behind each project. Having creative freedom with the capacity for and certainty of the project also being commercial. There are two elements that always form part of any project by estudi{H}ac. Colour in a simple shape; and one of its own product designs.