• 04 febrero, 2022


2021 has been enthralling while challenging, 2022 will be better! 

As you know, we are turning 30 and we’ll be celebrating the milestone with several events at which we will be attending during the year. Here is a quick overview to keep you up to date.

January has kickstarted with an internal convention conducted for the whole salesforce to introduce some new products. (We will be posting a new blog entry to tell the world about them!) It certainly was a frenetic month that passed by so quickly and led to an equally exciting one in no time.

On February the 1st, we had the chance to participate in the 3rd edition of an exclusive event organised by ANIEME: The Design Room. (Check this post to discover the previous edition in Marbella.)

For those who want to know a little more about it, The Design Room attracts and hosts interior designers at an exclusive location to discover the very best of Spanish furniture. Around 12 manufacturers gathered in a room at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz and presented their designs to the city of Madrid.

“This event is a tribute to design. The perfect celebration to start this special year.” Carles Machancoses, Spain Sales Director at KOO International. 

“It has been a gorgeous event, we loved it”. Carrillo Interior Design via Instagram. 

Check the pictures of this luxury event!


Our Stand!

  • New Palma (sofa) by Majo Roca - Upholstered in Boucle Ocre + Cushions in Rainbow Caramel
  • Gull (armchair) by Santiago Sevillano Studio - Upholstered in Boucle Ocre + Cushions in Rainbow Caramel
  • Phil (armchair) with the iron rod base + backrest by estudi{H}ac - Golden finish, upholstered in Versailles Onyx (black velvet)
  • Phil (armchair) with the wooden base by estudi{H}ac - Walnut Finish, upholstered in Boucle Ocre
  • Phil pouffs by estudi{H}ac:
    • Wooden base (Walnut finish)-Upholstered in Rainbow Caramel
    • Iron rod base (Golden finish)-Upholstered in Versailles Onyx (black velvet)

What do you think about the new little cushion for Phil? It is meant to be used as an optional complement to maximize comfort. 

This is the New Palma by Majo Roca!

Electronically adjustable depth (as always!) but we modified the headrest. Now it is more aesthetic, yet functional! (Check the new product!)

We have also suggested a new decorative seam for the seat and arms. 

"The Design Room is an excellent networking event. You have to prove what you are able to do and be out of your comfort zone to impress your target audience. ".

Diana Castellano, CMO at KOO International.